Day 6: Mackay to Picabo



DISTANCE: 77 miles
ELEVATION GAIN: + 1394 ft. – 2472 ft.
ELEVATION: 4,839 ft
Average High Temperature in August:  84° F
Average Low Temperature in August: 47° F
Average Rainfall in August: .75”

Picabo: Pee-Ka-Boo, A Native American word meaning “shining waters”, is home to one of Idaho’s first communities, which happens to sit near the banks of Silver Creek. This world famous river is a true spring creek and also holds the most fish per mile of any river in Idaho.

When the ski resort of Sun Valley was getting off the ground and the likes of Ernest Hemingway and Gary Cooper were at the peak of their careers, they and many other visitors to Sun Valley found great pleasure in hunting and fishing on Silver Creek. They made fast friends with locals like Taylor Bear Tracks Williams and Bud Purdy and immersed themselves in the local life of fly fishing and wing shooting.

Ride IdahoThis unique community is surrounded by large ranches and fields which are irrigated by the pristine Silver Creek. The name “Picabo” was made familiar by Picabo Street, the Olympic skier who grew up in nearby Triumph.

You might want to save a little energy for this last night together, for we typically like to plan a special night to send you home wishing that it didn’t have to end so soon.


Everything in the Wood River Valley is a little on the posh side, and this holds true with the Picabo Airport private grass airstrip that will be our overnight camping location. Not to worry, those few that have access to this private air strip will be notified of the temporary closure, and to add to the ambiance, we will be utilizing one of the hangers for our last night’s festivities.


Transportation is your responsibility when booking accommodations away from camp. There are no motels in Picabo, the closest is in Bellevue, 16 miles away, in the same direction of our last days route, or Hailey 20 miles away.

High Country Motel
Address: 766 S Main St, Bellevue, ID 83313
Phone:(208) 721-0067

RV Parking

Ride Idaho
18918 US-20, Bellevue, ID 83313
Phone:(208) 788-3536

Extra Activities:

For those that may have the urge to experience fly fishing on Silver Creek either before or after the ride, contact:

Picabo Angler
Address: 18918 U.S. 20 Picabo, ID 83348
Phone: 208.788.3536

Ride Idaho