Day 7: Picabo to Ketchum Sun Valley



DISTANCE: 33 miles
Average Low Temperature in August:  43° F
Average August Temperature: 80° F

We will finish out our week of riding heading west out of Picabo and then north through the Wood River Valley, joining the Wood River Bike Path in Bellevue and continuing through Hailey and on to Ketchum the end of an amazing week of riding.

Ride IdahoThis will be a moderate to easy day of riding and for those making transportation connection out of Ketchum you should be able to ride the distance in 3 hours or less.

After the Ride

Showers will be available at the WOOD RIVER COMMUNITY YMCA adjacent to the long term parking lot. Towels will be available and Donations will be greatly appreciated.

Join your fellow riders after the ride at the Sawtooth Brewery, 631 Warm Springs, Ketchum, for some great stories, cold beer, and burgers and brats. The ride will be over, let the bragging begin!

There will be no camping on Saturday night. There are campgrounds approximately 10 miles north of town on a first come basis.
Ride Idaho

Flying Out:

Flying out of Hailey, it would be best if you could make your flight schedule for after 4:00 PM MST so you’ll have plenty of time to shower, eat a burger, and shuttle 12 miles to the airport. Better yet, relax and stay the night in Ketchum, you won’t be alone.

Shuttling back to Boise Airport: Contact Sun Valley Express.
Phone: 877-622-8267.

Shipping your bike

If you shipped your bike to the start of the ride, be sure to make arrangements to have it shipped back after the ride. Ride Idaho will not be responsible for bike left behind. A list of bike shops is on the Ride Details page. Ride Idaho