Good Grief Tent & Porter Service

Good Grief Tent & Porter Service For those who prefer to be pampered, an outside vendor, Good Grief Tent & Porter, is available for the week. This service includes an 7 x 9ft. dome tent that will be set up for you each day, starting Saturday before the ride and ending the next Saturday morning, the final day of the ride.

Your luggage will be picked up each morning from your tent, transported to the next camp, where you will find it inside your humble abode. Tent & Porter service also includes 2 folding chairs and a daily towel for each rider. Sleeping bags and pads are not provided.

The price for a week’s worth of pampering, for 1 or 2 people, is $495 for the week. Some additional pampering is included, but they keep it a surprise, and it's the reason riders keep coming back year after year.

A towel and chair service is also available for the week for $60. A chair and a clean towel will be waiting for you at camp each day!

To make a reservation, please contact Earl by email at

or call (208) 890-4434

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