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Ride Idaho is a camping event.

If you prefer camping in comfort, go see Good Grief Tent & Porter

We provide our riders with a place to put a tent, drinking water, showers and port-a-potties. With all that there is to love about Ride Idaho camp, we realize there are folks who require hotel/motel lodging. We endeavor to camp in communities with those accommodations. If you plan to stay in hotels during the week of the ride we suggest you bring a backpack to carry your gear from camp to the hotel. In all cases, you are responsible for transportation to and from lodging accommodations that are away from camp.

Please refer to each day's ride. A few motels and RV parks have been identified. In some cases it does not include all the motels available in each city, while on other days, there are very few motels and you will want to make your reservations ASAP.