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Ride Idaho
Ride Idaho

Ride Idaho 2014 Route

New Segment Ride Options!

By popular demand, Ride Idaho has decided to offer two different segment rides! This exciting new option will allow those who cannot take the whole week off - or are unsure if they have the stamina to ride the whole ride, or cannot attend for any other reason - to ride for either the first half of the week or the second.

Our 10th Anniversary Video

Day 1: Twin Falls to Castle Rocks

Day 2: City of Rocks/Pomerelle Loops

Day 3: Castle Rocks to Shoshone

Day 4: Shoshone to Hailey

Day 5: Hailey Layover Day

Day 6: Hailey to Hagerman

Day 7: Hagerman to Twin Falls

Segment Rides

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We wanted to give you something extra special this year as we celebrate Ride Idaho's 10 year Anniversary! This year's route is located in South and Central Idaho.

Along the way you will see some of Idaho's most magnificent geological wonders, travel through the food basket of Idaho's agricultural industry, along several scenic byways, and celebrate our anniversary with a Street Party in Hailey!

We kick off the ride in the Snake River Canyon. This 500 ft. deep gorge is a geological beauty and the playground of locals and visitors alike. The ride starts up on the fertile plain, where a bounty of produce, dairy and meat products originate.

We'll ride South near Idaho's Southern boarder, where the horizon is broken up with abrupt rock formations in Castle Rocks State Park and City of Rocks National Reserve. There is so much to do here that we'll stay for two days.

Once we head back toward the central part of the state, you will have the option of riding a century day. On day 4 we will find ourselves at the base of the Sawtooth and White Cloud Mountain Ranges. In Hailey we have planed the party of a decade, Ride Idaho's 10 Year Ride Celebration! High Street Band will play with a so much enthusiasm that you won't be able to keep yourself from dancing.

We follow up all that excitement with a Rest Day, which is really a misnomer. We think you will want to visit Sun Valley and take part in some other adventures, like shopping, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, visiting museums or dining out.

Back on the road we travel to Hagerman, and witness the wonders of Idaho's natural spring waters bursting from the land as ribbons of waterfalls, at Thousand Springs State Park. We finish the ride cycling through the Hagerman Valley, and up on the fertile plateau that leads us back to Twin Falls, and another celebration on the rim of the Snake River Canyon.
2014 route map

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