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What to bring

Bring at least these items:

  • Cycling gear
  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Walking shoes for off-bike activities
  • Change of clothes for off-bike activities
  • Sunscreen
  • Mosquito spray
  • Bath towel
  • Personal toiletries
  • Bicycle lock

August is usually very warm to hot, 80's to high 90's, during the day. The nights and mornings can get down to the 40's. We have occasional rain showers or thunderstorms that you will need to be prepared for. If you start your day wearing cool weather gear, we have accommodations for clothing drops throughout the day.

  • Please pack your items into one bag of 40-50 lbs
  •      or two bags with a combined weight of 65 lbs. or less

  • Include your camping gear in your bag(s) and baggage weight

  • Please be considerate and adhere to these limits

The following lists include essential and non-essential items that may differ from rider to rider. These are suggested items. It will be up to you to decide what you really need to be happy and comfortable within the baggage limits.


    * Driver’s License / ID
    * Medical Insurance Card (policy number)
    * Money - CASH, debit / credit card, traveler's checks
    * Airline Tickets
    * Small First Aid Kit and Medications
    * Sunglasses
    * Sunscreen & Lip Balm
    * Insect Repellant
    * Towel / Washcloth
    * Toiletries (in a leak-proff bag)
    * Rope / Clothes line and clothes pins
    * Camera, Extra Batteries, Cards or Film
    * Travel Alarm Clock
    * Favorite Energy Snacks
    * Pen, Stationary, Stamps
    * Small Backpack, Sack or Bag for extra outings or trips to the shower truck
    * Swimsuit
    * Ear plugs
    * Quarters for laundry mid-week
    * Eco-friendly soap for quick washes
    * Re-usable cup for coffee service


    * Bicycle - assembled and tuned
    * Helmet
    * Headlight and Rear Light
    * 2-3 Large water bottles and/or Hydration Pack
    * Frame Tire Pump
    * Pressure Gauge
    * Bike Pack – handlebar or seat pack (for tools, rain gear, snacks, money, etc)
    * Rearview Mirror
    * Lock & Cable - bring your lock!
    * Cycling Computer
    * Bungee Cords or Straps
    * Plastic bag or shower cap to use as a Seat Cover (rain or dew)
    * Spare Tube
    * Patch Kit
    * Tire levers (3)
    * Allen / Hex Wrenches
    * Small Screwdriver
    * Y-Wrench
    * Spoke Wrench
    * Pocketknife
    * Pliers


    *Tent - waterproof, with rain fly and ground cloth
    *Sleeping Bag - low temp. around 40°F
    *Flat bed sheet to use as cover for hot nights
    *Sleeping Pad
    *Headlamp or Small Flashlight (extra batteries)

    * Cycling gloves
    * 3 Cycling Shorts - you can rinse them at the water spigot and rotate them daily
    * 3 Cycling Jerseys / Cycling Tops
    * Cycling Long Pants / Tights
    * Long-Sleeve Shirt (Non Cotton)
    * Lightweight Windbreaker
    * Waterproof, Breathable Jacket & Pants
    * Cycling Shoes
    * 4-5 Pairs of Socks (cotton/non-cotton)
    * Cycling Booties / Toe Covers
    * Cap / Hat to wear off-bike
    * Winter Cap & Gloves (for cold nights)
    * Casual Non-Cycling Clothes (Pants, Shorts, Tops, etc)
    ** non-cotton fabrics can be rinsed and dried easily
    ** anything you can wear more than once is a treasure!
    * Long Sleeve Top (fleece) / Jacket
    * Comfortable Walking Shoes
    * Shower Sandals, Flip-flops
    * Hiking Shoes (optional)

Take appropriate clothing for the day. Being prepared for the unexpected weather, or flat tire, will help you enjoy your adventure even more!!


* Hard-sided Coolers
* Camp Chairs - unless they are small enough to fit inside your bag - Nothing can be attached to the outside of your bags
* Flammable Fuels or Stoves
* Liquids in Glass Bottles - please bring your "liquids" in plastic bottles

* Note from 2005? - no boom boxes! Take those back to 1980 please!

Please pack your items into one bag of 40-50 lbs., or two bags, with a combined weight of 65 lbs. or less. Include your camping gear in your bag(s) and baggage weight. Please be considerate and adhere to these limits.